Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just bragging...

I wrote another 1,000 words yesterday, to complete 22,000 words for the month, bringing the Little Birdies! manuscript to a nice, even 90,000 words (about 346 pages).

I had to go out yesterday afternoon and try to find an Ulster County (NY) map. I stopped in every gas station between here and Poughkeepsie until I found one (I actually had to drive TO Poughkeepsie to find one...).

I'm getting at the point in the story where I'm going to have to do a little on-site research, so probably next week I'm going to need to head off to the Mohonk Preserve just past New Paltz and walk around for a while and take some notes. I haven't been up there for a couple of years, so it should be nice...

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