Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two Reviews of Jack Horner's Dino-Chicken book...

Here's a couple of nice reviews of Paleontologist Jack Horner's book: How to Build a Dinosaur. From the book:
What I like about the idea of using a chicken that developed into a dinosaur as evidence of the reality of evolution is that it is more than an idea. It is an experimental result. And it calls out for questions. What is it? How did you do it? Is it a circus freak or a trick? What does it mean? Without staking out a position or starting a war of words, the animal would prompt a discussion that would have to end up with the mechanisms of evolution and its footprint in the genes of living animals. Even more than a fossil, it would cry out for explanation. ... That would be the most satisfying lecture I could possible give. I don’t like providing answers. I never have. I like questions. I like asking them, trying to figure out answers, trying to figure out what we are really asking, and what new questions come up. For this event I won’t have to prepare any speech at all. My entire prepared text will consist of one simple question, from which everything else will follow. I’ll walk to the edge of the stage, point to the creature on the leash, look at the audience, and say, “Can anyone here tell me what this is? ”
Phillip McIntosh's review is here: How to Build a Dinosaur by Jack HornerExtinction Doesn't Have to be Forever.

The review from John's Blog is here: How to Build a Dinosaur, by Jack Horner.

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