Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marc Morrone takes us on a tour...

Pet and avian husbandry expert Marc Morrone takes us on an informative tour of his Long Island pet store, Parrots of the World. He speaks at some length about the various parrot and pigeon species that he breeds and sells...

Marc was kind enough to review my third novel, Little Birdies!. Here's what he had to say:

"One of my favorite books of all time was Watership Down, by Richard Adams. The author's descriptions of the pastoral English countryside were vivid and organic, and transported the reader into an imaginary world in ways that only a great novel can do.
It's that ability to carry readers away and immerse them in a fictional world that I most like about Little Birdies! by Anthony F. Lewis. The fact that the setting for much of the book was New York's densely forested Hudson Valley and the spectacular Mohonk Mountain House only upped the measure of personal satisfaction for me. Lewis captures the region's look and feel in a manner that effortlessly sweeps the reader away to the woodland steams and primordial highlands that inhabit the story.
Another mark of a world-class novelist--the late Michael Crichton comes to mind here--is attention to detail; especially scientific detail. There are few things more upsetting for me than when an author ruins a perfectly good story by getting the facts wrong. Such is not the case here. Like Crichton, Lewis has exhaustively researched his subject matter, providing the reader with a convincing and realistic platform from which to launch the story.
There are many good stories around. What sets books like Little Birdies! apart from the rest is the author's attention to detail and the ease with which he draws the reader into the story. Do yourself a favor ... curl up with a copy of Little Birdies! and be prepared to be transported." 
You can pick up your copy of Little Birdies! (available in both softcover and Kindle editions) here. And the next time you're in Rockville Centre, be sure to stop in and see Marc, and please tell him I said hello.

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