Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dino-Birds cause chaos on Staten Island!

Well, at least to the degree that all birds are dino-birds. But these guys do look the part more than most. And of course, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservations (DEC) needs to get involved in this escalating crisis:
"“There are a lot of people that are concerned about the turkeys. There are also people who like the turkeys,” said Suzanne Mattei of the Department of Environmental Conservation. 
Mattei said rather than continue talkin’ turkeys on Staten Island, the state wants to stick its neck out and do something. So it is sending questionnaires to all the affected residents, asking whether they can peacefully coexist. Should the birds be relocated somewhere safe, or, as a last resort, euthanize them, in a so-called Thanksgiving harvest? Or perhaps testing them for disease and then donating them to charity." 
 More on this here: Wild Turkeys Invade, Take Over Part Of Staten Island
Apparently, the flock, now numbering about 100 birds,  formed about ten years ago when a women released a few birds. Here's another look at the situation, including "turkeys playing chicken:"

If you're at all curious as to what might happen should the disruptive flock instead be populated by carnivorous, pack-hunting, transgenic psittacines, please check out Little Birdies! (read the opening chapters here). I promise you a more substantive story...

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