Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun with Little Birdies! Visiting the Kakapo Chicks...

Barbara Heidenreich, from Good Bird, Inc, has posted this great video of her visit with Kakapo chicks before they were released into the wild. Fascinating little critters...

Read more about Barbara's adventures with the Kakapo chicks here:  Parrot Conservation and You!

Barbara was kind enough to review my novel, Little Birdies!. Here's an excerpt from that review:
"Most fiction these days seem to focus on murder mystery, crime or romance. I have to admit none of those genres spark my interest. However I recently came upon a novel perfectly suited for parrot enthusiasts who like character studies, suspense, drama and action!

Set in my old stomping grounds upstate New York, Lewis paints the terrain in great detail whether it be the university classroom, the parrot sanctuary, roadside fruit stands or wooded rolling hills. I enjoyed picturing the sights and sounds of upstate New York being invaded by a flock of misfits.

I think what I liked most about this novel was that it was a rollicking good adventure, full of science, suspense, a hint of romance, a few bad guys, a few heroes and of course birds as a focal point. Even with all that, there was also room for an important take home message. It certainly struck me when one of the good guys said to his bird "We take you into our home, and if we treat you right, if we earn your trust, you give us your hearts." Words of wisdom from a writer who knows the connection we share with animals." 
Her full review can be found here: Amazon Editorial Reviews. And please be sure to visit the Kakapo Recovery site. Like they say, there are six billion people on earth, and only 131 Kakapo. Give a bird a break...

Update (July 6, 2011): Here are some of the chicks being released into their new home on Codfish Island, NZ:

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