Saturday, September 03, 2005

HTML Obsession...

Hey all.

Wally Conger (Out of Step) has been kind enough to feature The Third Revolution as a recommended book, providing a direct link to the book's page from his blog's sidebar column. So if you were planning on picking up your copy of the book from Amazon anyway, go over to Wally's place and click through on his link.

And while you're there, check out his enthusiastic review of the book.

Work on Middle America has been moving along nicely, although I've burned up about eight early morning, prime coffee/writing hours over the last couple of days obsessing over my inability to place a simple ad GIF in the signature field of my website's email. I've managed to do this just fine in my Netscape-based email address, but for some reason can't get it to work on my web server based address. All of the techies on the provider's staff agree the HTML code is sound, it works, and it should work. But it doesn't. They've "kicked it upstairs" so the honcho techies can mull it over for a while...

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