Friday, November 27, 2009

How's this for a satisfied customer?

I received this email from a reader a couple of days ago:

Hi Mr Lewis,
I just thought I would share with you that I immensely enjoyed your two works of fiction which I finished a little over a month ago. I had always been fascinated with the State of Montana and the people that live there and I believe you did an excellent job in painting the landscape. You did such an excellent job at doing it that I turned to my wife and said lets get out of California and go! So we literally booked a weekend away to see what it was like there and I am proud to say we turned around and bought property in Montana after visiting and meeting the people and seeing how fiercely independent the folks are just like you described in the book.
My wife and I can hardly wait to start building our new home there and getting out of California, it was like we discovered the real America we had always read and heard about compared to living in this God forsaken state we are currently "subjects" of.
Anyways I just figured I would reach out and let you know that your books really hit home with me and I really hope there is a third novel in the series in the works!
November 20, 2009

I've said it more than once and I'll say it again: The Third Revolution was written as political fiction, but is starting to read more and more like a history text.  It may not be the hypothesized "One Nation Act" that ends up pulling the trigger, but I suspect that nationalized healthcare or some other similar affront to state sovereignty may well do the trick. And my timeline seems to be holding up well...


Thomas Hill said...

Whoa, your book was able to induce someone to relocate? That's amazing, Anthony! It's so fulfilling to get a good review, right? Knowing that you have satisfied readers makes you forget all the bad things that have been said about you. As long as you have fans of your work, continue with what you're doing. It's the positive results that count!

Anthony F. Lewis said...

Thanks Tom; you're right. I'm always grateful to discover that someone, somewhere, has reacted favorably to my efforts.