Sunday, March 26, 2006

Inch by inch...

Okay, there's a little progress to report. I'll be picking up the edited manuscript for Middle America this coming Tuesday afternoon. The job took a lot longer than I expected (just about two months), but it's the sort of thing you don't want to rush. I'll be living with any mistakes for a long time, so, I figure best get it right the first time.

Little Birdies! is also moving along - I'm at 53,000 words (206 pages) and just pages away from completing Part Two. Hopefully that gets done before I have to turn my attention to the Middle America manuscript.

And it looks like The Third Revolution is still selling the occasional copy. Once again, I would implore anyone who has read and enjoyed the book to please go to the book's page and pen a brief review. With Middle America coming along soon, I could use any and all word-of-mouth buzz to help generate some interest.

Thanks very much!

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