Thursday, March 30, 2006

...Out like a lamb.

I've completed Part Two of Little Birdies!; the story stands at just over 57,000 words/223 pages.

And I got the Middle America manuscript back from the editor on Tuesday. I've gone through and made the corrections for the first 5 chapters so far. I'll put Little Birdies! aside for the time being and concentrate on getting Middle America completed and off to the publisher.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to "Middle America" - will you have it for the LPNY Convention?

Anthony F. Lewis said...

Unfortunately not. I did attend the convention last year, and was looking forward to it again (especially since it's a lot closer to home this year!). But the editing-rewriting-layout-publishing thing is dragging on longer than I'd anticipated, and it doesn't look like the book will be ready until some time in the middle of May - I will have missed the convention by 2 weeks or so. I'm hoping to show up next year with 3 books...