Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Never figured Minnesota for part of the American Serengeti...

Returning the bison to the prairies was a subject I covered in great length in both The Third Revolution and Middle America.

Bison Return to the Belwin Conservancy - Bison Return to the Belwin Conservancy Afton, — June 9, 2009 — On Saturday, June 13th, the Belwin Conservancy will release a herd of bison at its nature preserve located in Afton, Minnesota. As they did last year, the bison will spend the summer adding to the diversity of the nonprofit organization's restored prairies.

It's not exactly a textbook conservation move -- it looks like the bison are being fattened for slaughter -- but it is good for the grasslands and it gets folks thinking about the animals. And, truth be told, they do make a damn good burger...

More here:

The Running of the Bison - AFTON (Monday, June 22, 2009) - Thirty bison were recently returned to the prairies of Belwin Conservancy.

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