Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Interesting how the day after I started blogging about the problem I was having with the dated reviews for Little Birdies!, Amazon finally took them down. I guess the "squeaky wheel" methodology still remains the fall-back position when you really, seriously need to get something done.

That said, I want to thank the folks at BookSurge and Amazon. Everyone I spoke to was very nice and understanding, especially given the fact that I can be an unrelenting pain-in-the-ass when it comes to getting things like this done. I could wish that a large, information-driven enterprise like Amazon might put more time and resources into back-office systems mapping instead of in the happy-faces up front, but it IS easier (and far less costly) to train people to smile and be sympathetic than it is to do the hard work of actually getting stuff done. That's why every time there's a economic downturn these large companies can layoff ten or twenty-thousand people and nothing seems to change. That's because they only have about 30 people on the payroll who actually, really DO stuff. That said, I again thank everyone for helping me. You don't run the company, you don't write your own job descriptions and you didn't cause the problem. I know that.

Okay, if that's done, maybe I can turn my attention to trying to find some real reviews for the book. You know, real work...

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