Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More on the dino-chickens...

So if they can eventually do it deliberately, through genetic manipulation, who's to say that it can't happen accidentally? Read Little Birdies! to see how things might work out in that regard...
A paleontologist in Montreal plans to manipulate chicken embryos to give them dinosaur features, a first step towards hatching live prehistoric animals.

Hans Larsson told CTV's Canada AM the first chicken embryo with a range of dinosaur traits could be made within five years. However, that depends on the project receiving adequate funding, said Larsson, a 38-year-old professor at McGill University.

By flipping certain genetic levers at the appropriate point in a chicken embryo's development, Larsson believes he can instill features that disappeared from birds millions of years ago. ...

The idea for the project came about over a discussion with internationally renowned American paleontologist Jack Horner. Among other things, Horner served as technical adviser for the Jurassic Park films.
Read the entire article here: Live dinosaurs on the way, Montreal researcher says.

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