Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rebuilding a species, one bird at a time...

If something can be really sad and fabulous at the same time, it's things like this:
A very special New Zealand chick, Hananui Two, is just one of 124 Kakapo left.

She has been in hospital at Auckland Zoo for over a month, but is now finally healthy enough to return home to Codfish Island.

...tomorrow the bird will return to her home on Codfish Island after an operation on her foot and a course of antibiotics.

“She had a very sharp hind claw, and managed to stab herself in the bottom of the foot,” says Mr Jakob-Hoff.

“She’s a baby. She is actually the equivalent of a toddler. So they tend to run around and get themselves into trouble.”

Just the smallest sign of trouble is a big problem when you are already the world’s largest and most endangered parrot.

It's great that we can do things like this, and unfortunate that we have to. Read the entire article here: Auckland Zoo's injured Kakapo ready to return to the wild.

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