Sunday, August 23, 2009

White Buffalo in the news...

You really hate to see stuff like this:

FARMINGTON, Pa. – At the Woodland Zoo in Farmington, a refuge for abused and mistreated animals, owners Jill and Sonny Herring, can no longer afford to stay in business. Two sacred animals born under miraculous circumstances, a white and black buffalo, are in jeopardy of being sold to the highest bidder. Two potential bids are coming from commercial enterprises that may exploit the sacred animals. ...

Many Native people, including Goodfire, claim miracles surrounded the births of these buffalo. The birth, according to numerous accounts, happened when “Barney and Betty,” two black buffaloes first birthed a normal black male in May 2006. Five months later, four months short of a normal buffalo’s nine-month gestation period, Betty again gave birth, this time to a white male buffalo.

“Just having a white buffalo is one in 10 million,” Goodfire said. “But if you add in the fact that this buffalo was born in five months, immediately after the other black male, the odds are impossible.”

Other unusual events have occurred since the birth of the white buffalo. Two red tail hawks living in the area turned white in one day. The female was killed on the highway, the red tail hawk chose a new mate and that female also turned white. In 2007, a bald eagle, which is extremely rare to the area, flew directly to the white buffalo and spent the day with the animal. In 2008, a white deer was born at the zoo and would commonly break free from its enclosure to join the white buffalo and was never harmed.

The owners of the zoo have never claimed the buffalo are from virgin births, but Native elders and spirituals have...

The birth of a white buffalo at the beginning of Middle America had a significant impact on the story and its characters.

Read the whole story here: Sacred white and black buffalo in danger.

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