Saturday, September 12, 2009

Marc Morrone reviews Little Birdies!

TV personality and pet expert Marc Morrone has reviewed my book, Little Birdies! Here's a taste:

"Like Crichton, Lewis has exhaustively researched his subject matter, providing the reader with a convincing and realistic platform from which to launch the story. ... What sets books like Little Birdies! apart from the rest is the author’s attention to detail and the ease with which he draws the reader into the story. Do yourself a favor … curl up with a copy of Little Birdies! and be prepared to be transported."

You know Marc Morrone from Parrots of the World, the Martha Stewart Show, and as the host of The Pet Shop on the LifeSkool Cable Channel. Check out the entire review over at my web site: LittleBirdiesReviews.html

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