Monday, September 07, 2009

More on cerebral lateralisation in parrots...

I mentioned this study a few days ago, but this new article gives me a chance to use the words "cerebral lateralisation" in the blog title, which nicely enhances my delusion that the two years I spent taking graduate courses in experimental neuropsychology weren't totally wasted. Also, I think this illustrates a growing trend as scientists start to take parrot intelligence more seriously. Dr. Irene Pepperberg was, of course, the first to break ground in this area, but it's something that observant parrot owners have known for decades.
"You can tell how smart a parrot is by watching what it does with its feet, according to a new study by Macquarie University researchers...

The research results also suggest an ancient evolutionary purpose associated with having a strong bias to one side or the other and explain why some species are more successful than others.

“With parrots, being intelligent gives them a strong foraging advantage,” Brown said."

Read the entire article here: It's all in the footwork: New research sheds light on parrot intelligence.

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