Friday, September 25, 2009

More on the "new" dino-birds...

The new dino-birds are thought to be between 151-and-164 million years  old, and were discovered in north-eastern China. Almost all of the dino-birds dug up in the past few years have come from China; that's thought to be mostly due to the fact that they've got so many untapped, unexplored fossil-bearing sediments over there (we've been seriously digging in the America West for better than 100 years now).

One of the dinosaurs, named anchiornis huxleyi, has extensive plumage and profusely feathered feet.
Dr Xing said it had provided important new information on the origins of birds and the evolution of feathers.
He went on: "This fossil provides confirmation that the bird-dinosaur hypothesis is correct and supports the idea that birds descended from theropod dinosaurs, the group of predatory dinosaurs that include allosaurus and velociraptor."

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