Sunday, September 20, 2009

Parrot Sanctuary being forced out...

This is unfortunate:
"Under My Wing Avian Refuge is the permanent home to more than 130 unwanted exotic birds, from Parakeets to Macaws. Now the non-profit sanctuary has been ordered to move. Without help to find a new location, the refuge will have to close its doors...
The majority of birds at Under My Wing Avian Refuge live on the premises permanently. All of the birds have comfortable housing, appropriate diets, and a safe environment. They receive endless attention and affection to fulfill their unique physical, emotional, and behavioral needs, thanks to Ashfield’s devotion. 
Now their landlord has demanded that they move by November. And the organization needs help desperately."
~ Read the entire article here: Urgent: Bird sanctuary being forced to move.
~ Under My Wing's web site is here:
~ Under My Wing's twitter link is: Follow them!
~ And their Facebook page, where you can make a contribution, is here:

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