Saturday, September 05, 2009

Review of Flyaway...

I just returned from Animal Kingdom in Brewster; I needed to pick up a bag of Nutri-Berries for Noodles, the lovebird. I noticed they were selling copies of Suzie Gilbert's new book, Flyaway. Ms. Gilbert volunteered for a time at the Hudson Valley Raptor Center, a raptor rehabilition organization that features prominently in my own book, Little Birdies!. Corey, over at 10,000 Birds, has reviewed Flyaway; here're a few words:
"How does one end up with a Great Blue Heron in one’s bathroom? Or spending hard-earned cash on medication for a Wild Turkey with a “nasty wet rasp” coming from her chest? Or chasing an American Goldfinch that refuses to leave a flight cage even though there is nothing wrong with him any more? Easy, one just has to become a wild bird rehabilitator, a fulfilling, draining, exciting, depressing, inspiring, time-consuming, disturbing, enchanting, fascinating, and virtually-any-other-ing-one-can-think-of avocation. Suzie Gilbert became a bird rehabilitator and all of the three scenarios described above happened to her, along with a whole bunch more, and all are lovingly described in her excellent new book, Flyaway: How a Wild Bird Rehabber Sought Adventure and Found Her Wings."

Do read the entire review at 10,000 Birds.

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