Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Great Little Birdies! Review...

Lanette Raymond, Ph.D., President of the 600-member strong Long Island Parrot Society, was kind enough to take time out from her year-end chaos to read and review Little Birdies! Here's a bit:
"I love parrots, and have recently allowed myself to drift onto the fringes of science fiction, especially stories set with one foot in a recognizable environment. Anthony F. Lewis’s book Little Birdies! is an excellent example of such persuasive science fiction. Grounded in the research of Dr Irene Pepperberg and Alex the African Grey parrot, the leap to sci-fi transgenic parrots and their subsequent offspring does not seem so stark...
...In fact, I was often so absorbed in the narrative that I forgot it was science fiction and found myself thinking about a visit to the geodesic dome so “near” to Mohonk Mountain House. But it is the relationship between these birds and their caregivers, what they learn and what they teach, that made me live Little Birdies."
Read the entire review here: Little Birdies! Reviews. Sample chapters here: Little Birdies! Excerpts. And, of course, you may purchase the book over at Amazon.

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