Saturday, July 31, 2010

Something New...

For me, at least. One of the standard bits of advice you get from the "experts" when it comes to selling books is to contact your local, independent bookstore and do a "reading" and book signing. I've never tried this, mostly because I deeply suspect that it's a huge waste of time for everyone involved. I can't imagine that anyone seriously wants to sit in a metal folding chair for forty minutes listening to an author read a couple of chapters from the new book. If anyone shows up at all, it's to get their book signed; sitting through the reading is just the price of admission.

That said, just in case anyone does want to hear me read some excepts from my books, now you won't have to wait until I invite you to the local bookstore for a reading (we both know you weren't going to show up, anyway...). Using this nifty little app (CinchCast), you're now able to listen to me drone on from the comfort of your home, sitting, hopefully, on something other then a metal folding chair. Here's a sample from The Last Bartender:

More readings from The Last Bartender can be found here: The Last Bartender Readings.
Readings from Little Birdies! can be found here: Little Birdies! Readings.

If this is not something that appeals to you, remember, it could have been far, far worse. I could have used video...

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Book Marketing Bestsellers said...

People actually don't want to listen to you read from your book. They want to hear you talk about your book. Much more interesting.

Very effective for non-fiction, but even novels can be more interesting once you've hear a novelist read several pages from the novel. Not several chapters.