Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Birds are technically dinosaurs."

In a far-ranging, almost hour long discussion, famed paleontologist Jack Horner talks about all things dinosaurs. The dino-chicken discussion start around 15:00. About a half-hour in, he talks about what a very tiny window on the past we actually have, that fossilization is extremely rare, and how it is limited by location and continental geologic activity spanning millions of years. The Jurassic Park/Michael Crichton discussion starts at about 48:00. If you're interested in dinosaurs/paleontology, put on a pot of coffee; this one is well worth your time.

"Dinosaurs were the dominant land animal for 140 million years, and those are the extinct ones; they're still a dominant animal as birds. So how and why a few big, clunky ones went extinct is, to me, not interesting at all."  Fascinating stuff...

And if that's not enough for you, please be sure to check out Little Birdies!  "'ll never look at birds the same again! "

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