Wednesday, February 09, 2011

They don't teach you this in school...

I've always been fascinated by people who somehow manage to detour off of life's tried and true career path buffet and stumble into something that they are uniquely qualified for. Tyler Keillor is one such person:
Tyler Keillor has been preparing fossils, creating skeletal reconstructions, and sculpting flesh models of prehistoric life at the University of Chicago since 2001. He also worked at the Field Museum of Natural History in exhibits, and learned many artistic skills in a former career: creating special effects and makeup for film, TV, and theatre.

Here's a few short clips of Mr. Keillor at work, from his web site: 

Be sure to stop by Tyler's website; there are plenty of interesting photos, more videos and some informative articles as well. And here's a recent article with a bit more of his background: Paleoartist's skill brings dinosaurs to life.

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