Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aqua Vitae...

I've been working on my sixth novel, Aqua Vitae, for quite some time now. The distractions have been numerous and ongoing, but I'm finally getting around to finishing it up. As a sort of gun-to-my-head motivational ploy, I've posted the opening chapters online. The excerpts aren't completely polished, and some character names may well end up being changed in the final editing, but it reads smoothly enough for you to get the idea.  Here's the teaser:
Wildlife biologist Jackie Banna may have found just the job to jump-start her stalled career. A potential client with seemingly bottomless pockets and plans for an unorthodox business venture has invited her to his private Caribbean island to discuss her coming on board.  

At first glance, the place seems a textbook tropical paradise: glistening white sand beaches, lush highland forests, every inch teeming with exotic flowers and wildlife. But a closer look reveals widespread abnormal behavior among the native animal species; behavior that Jackie recognized as deeply problematic. 

Despite her misgivings, she wasn't inclined to turn down a high-paying job on a luxurious private island, especially one that could remake her career, and she relished the independence and professional discretion she would be allowed. But with that independence would come responsibility, and she could already see that there was much more to this island than met the eye...
Please go ahead and check out the first three chapters here: Aqua Vitae

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