Saturday, December 03, 2011

The World's Largest Indoor Rainforest...

This is one helluva bird cage:
"Located inside of a giant, 22,000 square foot dome, the indoor tropical resort is about the size of eight football fields and wins the title of the world's largest indoor rainforest, as well as the biggest tropical sauna and spa complex in Europe. The complex is also home to more than 29,000 plants while cockatiels, parrots, and budgerigars provide animal life for the space."
I guess this means that Dan Grant's geodesic dome aviary featured in Little Birdies! is no longer as impressive as it once seemed, though for a backyard aviary a 100-foot diameter, 50-foot tall dome is still nothing to sneeze at.

Read the entire article here: Visit the world's largest indoor rainforest resort. 
More on the Tropical Islands resort at their website.

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