Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I hate being right all the time...

So much for the "unlikely" fictional premise. Check this out:

First, Mayor Bloomberg went after smoking in public places. Then trans-fats, salt and sugary drinks.
Now Bloomberg — known for sipping fine wine and downing a cold beer from time to time — wants to crack down on alcohol sales to curb excessive drinking, according to a provocative planning document obtained by The (New York) Post. 
The city Health Department’s far-reaching Partnership for a Healthier New York City initiatives proposes to slash the number of establishments in the city that sell booze. 
Community “transformation” grants provided under President Obama’s health-care law would help bankroll the effort. 

Read the entire article here: Super Totalitarian NYC Mayor Bloomberg Wants to Institute Prohibition-Lite in the Big Apple

More here: “Talk About a Nanny State. Why Don’t They Just Close All the Liquor Establishments?”

And here: Mayor's plan to limit booze sales

This sort of nanny-state move was precisely anticipated in The Last Bartender, which follows a cadre of barroom buddies and their not-so-respectful reaction to such an affront to liberty. Read the opening chapters here.

Hat tip to Furb over at Freedom Book Club for steering this my way.

More on the adventures of Nanny Bloomberg and his fellow neo-prohibitionists here: The Central Planners do what they do best... and here: And so it begins...

UPDATE Jan 12, 2012: Oops. On second thought... Cheers to you, Mike. Bloomberg flips on booze plan.

More on the aftermath from RedState: The Great Bloomberg Booze Backlash of 2012 "The great Bloomberg Booze Backlash of 2012 is just a taste, if you will, of what is boiling deep in American bellies. We’re getting fed up with the quickening pace of growing governmental control of our lives. It’s not just that we want our bacon and beer. It’s that we are entitled to be the directors of our own fates. The nonsensical, slippery slope argument about shared costs is as artificial as the foods you’d have us abstain from. "

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