Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bad blogger...

Yikes! I've been really remiss in blogging since the beginning of the year. Part of that has been because of time spent first looking for work, then finding and doing it (I'm presently slinging drinks at the Cellar Door Bistro in Ridgefield, CT - stop in and say hello). And part is because I've developed a lazy habit of simply tweeting anything interesting that catches my eye.

So how goes Aqua Vitae, you ask? Slowly, as you might have guessed. I'm well past 108,000 words (412 pages), almost finished, really, and still occasionally manage to add a paragraph or two from notes that I've scribbled to myself while at work. But I find it almost impossible to "get in the zone" and crank out some serious volume now my energy is focused elsewhere. That problem would be easily solved if say, 150,000 or so of you would kindly purchase one or more of my books; it's my own personal lottery ticket, I know ... hope springs eternal.

You can read the opening chapters of Aqua Vitae here; then please consider purchasing one of my other books here. Every new and returning customer is deeply appreciated.

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