Thursday, November 01, 2012

Holy Crap, The Third Revolution is coming true...

I've been saying for a while now that my first novel, The Third Revolution (first published in 2004), was starting to read more like political history than political fiction. Check this out:

Will Montana Voters Nullify the Mandate?

HELENA, Mont. – On Nov. 6, Montana residents will exercise their sovereign right and decide on health care freedom.
LR-122 would prohibit the state and federal governments from requiring any Montana citizen to purchase health insurance, or from “imposing any penalty, tax, fee or fine on those who do not purchase health insurance.”
 Same state, same methodology (legislative action to nullify offensive legislation) as my book envisioned. All we need is libertarian Governor Ben Kane to show up to sign the bill into law. At this rate, it just might happen...

Also freaky ... The Third Revolution was set in the "near future," in the year 2013, right after a Presidential election.

Read the entire article here: Will Montana Voters Nullify the Mandate? 
And of course, The Third Revolution is still available in both softcover and Kindle editions. Excerpts and reviews here.

Update: It's spreading:  Legislators in 3 States Set to Introduce ObamaCare Nullification Bills

Update (Nov. 8, 2012): Some post-election nullification victories--> Nullification Victories!

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