Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I hate this...

I've finally completed and printed the manuscript to my likeing, as well as an almost 7,000 word synopsis of the book. Unfortunately, most agents want to see neither sample chapters from the manuscript nor a synopsis. What do they want? A single page query letter, with brief paragraph summarizing the story. What they would really prefer, apparently, is that you don't write them at all, at least judging by the overall tenor of their submission requirements.

Anyway, here's my quickie description of Middle America:

It’s been five years since Montana Governor Ben Kane led his state in an escalating standoff with the federal government. Now retired from politics, Ben is kicking back, enjoying life, and having fun running his wildly popular boutique brewpub in the capital district of Helena, MT.

But Ben accepts a business offer he can’t refuse from a mammoth, controversial adult-themed resort/casino in the eastern part of the state. His reluctant involvement in what starts as a casual inquiry into the resort’s financial interests quickly escalates into a dark-of-night kidnapping orchestrated at the highest levels of government. Ben’s frantic pursuit of his closest friend finds him inexorably entwined in both an ongoing Washington special investigation into money laundering and the looming Presidential election. Try as he might to escape the glare of the limelight, Ben Kane is once again drawn to reshape the country’s political landscape.

I need to scrub it up a bit so it reads more smoothly, but that's about it, I think. Hey, no pressure. Just my entire writing career resting on a couple of sentences. It's worse than the SAT's or GRE's.

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Miss said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I'd buy it... probabaly read it too! Just kidding. I would definitely read it. Good luck with your quest to get it published.