Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Live life like a Budgie...

Here's a nice take on life with parrots:

Most of the time however, these energetic and lively little birds are comical, friendly and fun. They live their lives in a big way. Budgies don't do anything half-heartedly. It's all or nothing for them afterall they're big eagles on the inside. They whistle and chatter away often quite loudly. Domesticated budgies love playing with toys and bouncing around their cages, play room, or aviary. Budgies simply exude joy and happiness.

So what can we learn from these endearing little parrots? We can learn to make each moment count and count in a big way. We can put 100% of ourselves into all we do. We can dance and sing whole-heartedly, we can play with our children as if there were no tomorrow, and while listening to our spouses or friends we can hang on to every word knowing people and their stories matter. We can garden with joy and deliver a speech at work with enthusiasm and gusto. We can play tennis or swim in the ocean with a happiness that powers each muscle with energy and strength.

Read the entire article here: Budgies teach us to live with a little spunk.

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