Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Dino-Birds Just Keep on Coming...

Not quite Fernando from Little Birdies!, but we're getting there:

"Brightly-coloured feathers adorned a 'striking' dinosaur that resembled an exotic chicken, scientists have determined.

Anchiornis huxleyi, extinct for 150 million years, had a grey body with bold black and white feathers, a reddish-brown head crest and freckles. It is the first time scientists have uncovered the colours of a complete dinosaur. ...

Professor Richard Prum, from Yale University in Connecticut, said: 'This was no crow or sparrow, but a creature with a very notable plumage. This would be a very striking animal if it was alive today.

Professor Prum believes the creature's colours may have been used for communication or to attract mates.

The research lends support to the theory that dinosaurs first evolved feathers for purposes other than flight."

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