Sunday, August 29, 2010

"From a Master Brewer, a Master Beer..."

Finally, The Last Bartender snags its first review:
With "The Last Bartender," from Anthony F. Lewis comes this master tale. Set in the not too distant dystopia, "The Last Bartender" chronicles the exploits of Justin Gardiner, a sharp shooting bartender turned brew meister. ...
Things quickly spiral out of control, with a maelstrom of cops, mafioso, and snipers. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, with its spirit of adventure, rebellion, and mafia figures. "The Last Bartender" has a few enjoyable tangents which tie together very nicely at the climax of the book. Unlike the beer of the same name, "The Last Bartender" truly is a Meister Brau, and its author is a master craftsman.
Please take a moment and read the entire 5-star review...

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