Sunday, September 05, 2010

Anyone remember these?

I was outside smoking a bowl of Boswell's earthy Northwoods tobacco, when I started waxing nostalgic for the old BlogAds that I used to run for The Third Revolution and Middle America. So I fired up the old Mac Laptop and rummaged through the files to see if I still had them. I did! These, as best I can remember, are circa-2004 through 2006:

Pretty cool, huh? Those were the days when I actually had a few (albeit very few) bucks to spend on ads. Oh, if you've read The Third Revolution but haven't yet gotten around to the sequel, Middle America, I noticed that Amazon has finally knocked a few bucks off the softcover book; it's now only $13.67 (I think it was released at $17.00, so that's quite a haircut). Enjoy...

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