Saturday, February 05, 2011

More Amusing Marc Morrone Outtakes...

Pet expert Marc Morrone has earned a reputation as the Dr. Dolittle of the television world, calmly dispensing advice from behind a table of lion-laying-down-with-the-lambs domestic wildlife. Well, the advice may be accurate, but in truth the bucolic menagerie takes a little "management:"

I've posted this one before:

Marc was kind enough to blurb my book, Little Birdies!. Here's a quote:
"Another mark of a world-class novelist--the late Michael Crichton comes to mind here--is attention to detail; especially scientific detail. There are few things more upsetting for me than when an author ruins a perfectly good story by getting the facts wrong. Such is not the case here. Like Crichton, Lewis has exhaustively researched his subject matter, providing the reader with a convincing and realistic platform from which to launch the story."
Much obliged. And for what it's worth, I find it easier to catch escaped birds with the lights off. It evens up the odds a bit...

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